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por Serra Cantallops, Antoni
Universitat de les Illes Balears
Serra Cantallops, Antoni - Ramón Cardona, José - Galbis Matarredona, Marc (12-07-2013). THE IMPACT OF SEARCH ENGINES ON THE HOTEL DISTRIBUTION VALUE CHAIN.
Año VI, Número 10, V2, pp.19-54
ISSN 1852-2300
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PALABRAS CLAVE: Internet, Hotel, Motores de búsqueda

Internet is a very important sales channel for business in general, but it is becoming increasingly fundamental to the travel industry. The appearance of the Internet has increased the complexity of travel distribution and created new intermediaries and new means of distribution which in some cases have led to an increase in distribution costs. However, it has also made it much easier for suppliers to sell directly to consumers. We may say that the Internet has not only revolutionised the way that travel suppliers sell their products, but that it has also changed the way customers plan and book their travel, stimulating the creation of websites designed to satisfy the needs of online travellers. In this change in consumer behaviour, search engines have played, play and will continue to play a very important role. This document analyses the mass use of search engines and its impact on the value chain in travel distribution, the implications for each of the participants in the value chain, and the repercussions the changes are causing in the management of travel company websites which increasingly see search engines as their most important tool for direct sales to consumers.

KEYWORDS: Internet, Hotel, Search Engines

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